Best time to visit Laka Glacier Trek

Laka Glacier lies nimbly in the laps of Kangra Valley and encompassed in the strong Dhauladhar ranges making it an entrancing trip to enjoy. It acquires prevalence as a fledgling accommodating journey for the landscape is not difficult to direct and as it is effectively available from McLeodganj and Dharamshala it turns into an optimal decision for adventurers. This journey would offer you a courageous encounter and as you arrive at the top, the all encompassing perspectives on snow-shrouded mountain reaches would be a lauding view to observe.

Location & Introduction

Settled in an extraordinary area of Himachal Pradesh, Laka Glacier Trek is another inconceivably unique and well known journey. The 3 days climb through mountain perspectives, snow and icy mass, beginning from the vivid and energetic business sectors of Mcleodganj. Lastly comes to the laka icy mass level of 10,600 ft. above ocean level.

The journey moves up through the timberlands of the mountain and transports you to a high-elevation field encompassed by lavish trees and mountains. This well known trip to Laka Glacier is just 13 kilometers in length. Which is the reason, this journey is great for an unconstrained and impromptu break from work that each spirit needs occasionally.

Difficulty level

The trouble level of the trip is not difficult to direct that is easy to moderate. It’s the most ideal choice for fledglings and furthermore the most famous trip in India. Nonetheless, assuming your doctor says you are all set, you might think about taking this trip.

Laka Glacier Trek temperature and weather

The lavish little settlement is improved with everlasting regular excellence that draws an entrancing image of the ideal blend of Tibetan culture with some British design. As the spot is arranged at a height of 10,610 feet, the Laka Glacier temperature is calming around the year, yet the winters here are freezing, with the temperature plunging upto – 5 degrees celsius.

During Summers 

Laka Glacier journey temperature in summers by and large ranges between 7 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius, which surely gives a calming feel to comfortable strolls around the Kangra valley.

During Monsoons

The temperature plunges a piece during a rainstorm in view of the regular downpour, yet the storm takes care of its own kind of mists and haze valley. At this place usually the range of temperature is between 5 to 10 degree Celsius.

During Winters

A total Disney look is the specialty of this season. The temperature is exceptionally low with a frigid breeze and snowfall, the temperature plunges as low as – 5 degrees Celsius. For snow darlings, it is the best opportunity to visit Laka Glacier.

Best time to Visit

The Laka Glacier journey is one such trip that can happen round the year. Yet, our group of Manchala Musafir proposes you try not to come in that frame of mind of January on account of the colossal low temperature. The best thing about this trip is that it is functional in storms too, yet it isn’t reasonable to travel in the blustery climate, so keeping away from it is better.

The summers here are very charming, and you can partake in the bright climate during the summers, while the winters here are cold, and you can observe the snowfall and snow-covered regions around you. In any case, as per us, the best chance to visit Laka Glacier is the spring and winter seasons, where you get either bright and scented blossoms all over or the snow-shrouded regions all around. Contingent on your inclination, you can pick one season and conclude a date with us to give you a phenomenal encounter.

How to reach

Laka Glacier lays around 13 kilometers from Dharamshala and can be reached just through traveling. The traveling for the glacial mass begins in McLeodganj which is your closest passageway whether you take a taxi, public vehicle, or drive yourself.

By Bus – While McLeodganj has restricted transport availability to the adjoining urban areas, you could without much of a stretch get a transport to Dharamshala ISBT. From here, you can get a transport or a taxi to McLeodganj.

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