While choosing new seats, Jet2.com and Jet2holidays put the client experience first.

The leisure airline Jet2.com has announced that the new Series 9 Fixed Back Seat from Acro Aircraft Seating will be installed in its fleet of new Airbus A321/A320 neo aircraft. This means that passengers flying with Jet2.com and Jet2holidays can continue to enjoy an award-winning onboard experience with fantastic comfort and space benefits.

In addition to being very strong and lightweight, the Acro Series 9 seating also improves the fuel efficiency of the aircraft. In terms of comfort, it offers clients great levels, with the added advantages of more space beneath the seat and more legroom. With the additional seats, the cabin will have more room, which will further improve everyone’s aboard experience.

Jet2.com’s 98 firm ordered Airbus A321/A320 neo aircraft will have the additional seats added; the total number of aircraft might rise to 146 in the future.


The news made today strengthens a long-standing and extremely successful commercial partnership, since Jet2.com served as Acro’s launch client in 2008.

The weight reductions offered by this seating will increase the efficiency of our new Airbus A321 neo aircraft, which are already the most effective and ecologically friendly in their class. We look forward to strengthening our long-standing business collaboration with them in order to provide our clients with a terrific flight or vacation experience. A strong supply base with dependable partners, like Acro Aircraft Seating, is essential.

The Series 9 is the result of this. The sleek new Series 9’s minimal weight is a benefit, but we’ve also paired it with an incredibly sturdy design and few parts to minimise maintenance and enable rapid turnaround sanitising. The Series 9’s space-creating comfort levels increase passenger enjoyment while its attractive modern lines enhance aesthetic appeal. Once implemented, we are convinced that the Series 9 will help Jet2.com and Jet2holidays fulfil their promise to give their customers a VIP experience.

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