Who is the wife of Kyrie Irving? Dating history was disclosed

Kyrie Irving, an American professional basketball player who now serves as a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA, is a seven-time All-Star and three-time member of the All-NBA Team who won an NBA title with the Cavaliers in 2016.

The world-class basketball player Kyrie Irving has the charm and acting chops to win over women with his amazing, brilliant manoeuvre. His most recent action was to seize Marlene Wilkerson, the love of his life.

Get to know Marlene, who motivates Kyrie to throw the ball high into the air and make a basket, and their lovely love story.

Who is the wife of Kyrie Irving?
The date of Marlene Wilkerson’s birth is August 18, 1993. She was born and reared in the American state of California. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Alaine Lee Lugo, her mother, is a licenced practical nurse and a former executive at Bethany Home Care.

Marlene Wilkerson continued her education after receiving her diploma from San Jacinto High School. She then went to California State University and majored in business marketing there.

What is the line of work of Kyrie Irving’s wife?
Marlene is well-known on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. She began working for Victoria’s Secret while still a student at California State University.

Marlene had 0 followers when she first started her YouTube channel on September 6, 2015. Although she used to regularly publish updates with fashion advice, workout videos, and other similar content, her channel has been silent since 2022. She frequently utilises Instagram to highlight her modelling, fashion, and lifestyle achievements.

How did they meet?
Kyrie Irving realised Marlene was the one he had been waiting for all this time after a string of failed romances. They both soon realised how valuable the other was to them, so they teamed up and have been together ever since.

The way they met?
Marlene and Kyrie were initially spotted together in 2018 at Kyrie’s basketball invitational camp. This evidence leads various media sites to believe that the couple’s relationship began in 2018.

  • Why did they start dating each other?

Despite this, they made headlines in September 2019 after Marlene was spotted wearing a sizable engagement ring, according to the article

Before hooking up with Marlene Wilkerson, did Kyrie Irving have a relationship?

Kyrie Irving’s dating history has piqued the interest of many people, and in this post, we’ll fill you in on all the details.

  • Andrea Wilson, a girlfriend of Kyrie Irving

Irving’s first known romance was with model Andrea Wilson. From 2013 to 2015, they were a couple, and they had a daughter together they named Azurie Elizabeth Irving. In 2010, Wilson, a well-known model, took home the Miss Texas USA crown. The NBA player has always made time for her child and paid for all of her expenses since their divorce.

  • Natalia Garibotto, a girlfriend of Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving shared a selfie of himself with two other women next to him not long after the two started dating, which didn’t surprise his fans considering the basketball player’s image as a “womaniser.”

  • Kehlani Parrish, a girlfriend of Kyrie Irving

In the wake of his divorce from Wilson, Irving started dating singer Kehlani Parrish. They started dating in 2016, but their union was short-lived. Their relationship reportedly ended in 2016 after less than a year of dating.

  • Chantel Jerffries, a girlfriend of Kyrie Irving

There seems to be a new love interest for Irving every year. In 2018, Chantel Jeffries, a DJ and model, was rumoured to be dating Irving.

  • Ashley Bishop, a girlfriend of Kyrie Irving

Ashley Bishop and Kyrie Irving’s “relationship” is not well recognised. They allegedly had a relationship before Kyrie Irving married Natalia Garibotto, though.

What advantages did Marlene Wilkerson gain by connecting Kyrie Irving?
She has always believed in going after her goals, even when she was a young child. Giving it her all is what this gal is all about. She couldn’t care less how a job works out. She doesn’t want her own mind to trick her because she is an entrepreneur who lives life on the edge.

Above all, God has blessed them both with two amazing children who have been a huge blessing to them.

How many children do the parents have?
Kyrie Irving
is the father of a daughter and a son. From 2013 until 2015, the NBA star was dating Andrea Wilson, a former Miss Texas USA. The couple’s daughter, Azurie Elizabeth Irving, was born in November 2015. In 2020, Marlene, his rumoured lover, gave birth to a boy. A few months later, her and Irving’s pregnancy was the subject of a deluge of pictures on her Instagram account.

What is the net worth of Kyrie Irving’s wife?
Influencer Marlene Wilkerson is well-known and has a $2 million fortune. Given that she has almost a million subscribers, she unquestionably earns a nice life from YouTube.

Similar to that, she might get money via sponsored Instagram posts. She receives $1,000 on average for each sponsored post on the website.

Following dating Marlene Wilkerson, Kyrie Irving’s professional development

Irving signed his highest-paying contract of his career and one of the biggest in the NBA, for $136.5 million, with the Brooklyn Nets on July 6, 2019, only after they grew close. Between 2017 and 2018, Irving earned $36 million in salary and endorsements.

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